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Being healthy is so much more than just being physically fit.
Your path to wellness includes nurturing your mind, body, and soul. 
"It's not who you are that holds you back.  It's who you think you are not."

-Denis Waitley

Pink Sea

Your limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities are holding you back.  Your life should be lived based on you creating it, not by you reacting to situations or thoughts that are keeping you trapped.



You do have time, you are worthy and together we will find your strengths and build on them to help you gain clarity, give you the direction and make progress towards lasting change to live your Iimitless life.

Ragani Lal



my journey

Hi, my name is Ragani, a personal trainer and health, and wellness coach. I am a mother of two amazing teenagers and live in “Beautiful British Columbia”, Canada. Yes, I truly love what I do and I am constantly inspired by my clients and all that they can achieve.


I  have been where many of you are or have been. From an early age, I struggled with body image and lack of self confidence. I developed limiting beliefs of how I should be and what I could accomplish based on what I saw and was told growing up.  I developed an eating disorder by using food to control my life because my marriage was falling apart. By starving myself I ended up not only abusing my body but my mind and soul as well.  I knew I had to make a change.







As your coach, I will support and guide you in reaching your goals. The focus will be you and exploring your strengths and build on them to make lasting changes. 


No matter what your goals are,

I am excited to share this

journey with you.





Coaching is about moving you forward, not being stuck in the past. There are times that we are just moving on autopilot, not even realizing what we are doing. Our beliefs create our thoughts which can lead to how we feel, which eventually leads to the actions we take in our daily lives. If you are struggling with your body image, unsure about how to make yourself a priority, feeling overwhelmed in your daily routines, the need to have everything perfect, wanting to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle, let's explore, get clear on what you want, set a path and move you forward!

Personal Training 

Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through the gym not achieving your goals? Personal training is just that, a service tailored just for you. Hiring a trainer can be one of the best investments in yourself. When something breaks down we hire an expert to fix it. Why is it when it comes to our physical health, we try to go it alone, never being happy with the results. Having a goal towards your training can give you something to work towards. If it's achieving your first pull-up, training for an event or for just overall well-being, a personal trainer will help you get there.



  • Keep you accountable

  • Help you stay motivated

  • Make sure your form is on point

  • Never make you do anything you are not ready for

  • Has your goals and training needs always in mind


Whether you are looking for one on one training or would like to train with a couple of friends, I have different options to suit your goals. Reach out to me and let's discuss!

"We are all born so beautiful the greatest tragedy
is being convinced  we are not"

~Rupi Kaur


Girls in Nature

As a young girl growing up, I never felt I was "right".  I did not feel confident in who I was especially surrounding my looks and my body. I was compared to other family members and told I was "big".  Over the years of constantly hearing this, I began to believe it.  There were no other girls who had the same skin tone as me let alone a "big" girl body like me, in the fashion magazines I use to poor over. I didn't even try out for the volleyball team because I did not want to wear the shorts that were the uniform for the girls' team.  "Are you kidding me,  someone will comment about the size of my thighs!"  Today I can say that I am confident in my own skin. Some days, I still feel uncomfortable when I look in the mirror.  Yes, it took work and I still practice gratitude for my body every day.  For me, moving and being active, finding my love for training and coaching has made such an impact on my life. 


Having a teenage daughter of my own, I am even more vigilant about creating a positive space for her and her peers and young girls everywhere.  The images that they see on social media today are 100 times worse than what I saw growing up.  Our girls are not broken, they do not need to "fixed".  Empowering girls through physical activity and helping them feel proud of themselves, regardless of their shape or size is one of the best lifelong skills we can give them.  They are so much more than the number on the scale.

I would love to meet a young woman in your life and help empower her through physical fitness and coaching.  Helping her realize that being physically active can also help her relieve stress, help with anxiety and depression and give her an overall sense of well being.



...and Yes!  Girls can (and should) lift weights!



“Prior to working with Ragani, I felt stuck, unsure of how to move forward in my life and not even totally sure I trusted myself to make the right decisions regarding my future.

Having worked with a coach before I knew I could use some help gaining a different perspective which is why I decided to contact Ragani.

Working with a coach takes a considerable amount of trust and investment which may seem a little risky for some people. Forme the bigger risk was not doing anything at all.

Since working with Ragani I have identified some of the habits or behaviours that get in the way of achieving my goals. I have since reestablished and or recognized some authentic goals and feel energized and motivated to work towards them. We have worked on breaking large goals into manageable action based steps eliminating/minimizing room for excuses. We have also incorporated all aspects of life in the interest of creating balance. 

In just a few months I feel more confident, I have goals and I most importantly I am making progress.

Ragani’s gentle and realistic approach has helped me move farther than I thought I was going to. She has pushed me outside my comfort zone, stirred up momentum and offered some helpful tools to draw on during the more challenging times. 

If you are feeling stuck, unsure of how to move forward or looking to get different results this time, I would recommend spending some time working with Ragani. Her guidance will change your mind and help you eliminate the barriers that get in the way of living the life you dream of.” ~ J.Neufeld


"I decided I wanted some personal training time so I could focus in on some areas I was hoping to improve and take my lifting to the next level. I booked 10 semi-private sessions with Ragani.  I am so happy with the results.  Ragani focused in on areas that I needed to improve in terms of proper form and technique.  I am now able to do Kettle Bell swings, something I was not able to do before.  I am also much for more confident at a Maki Lift classes.  This is a class that I used to avoid before because I felt I was not good enough to attend the class.  A big thank you to Ragani and the work she did with me."

~ L. Schwartz


"Personal training with Ragani has been fantastic and has really elevated my fitness regime. Having the individual coaching has enabled me to focus more on form and making balanced movements. It's amazing how a few adjustments can really change the way a squat feels! I noticed a difference in my posture and strength that has translated into my regular Fit and Lift classes. It's so exciting to be able to do a proper deadlift and squat. Ragani has a kind and focused training style that motivates me to work hard on each and every rep. Thank you for everything!"  ~ B. Thomson


"Most of my life I have been overweight and on and off of a diet since I can remember. My body image has been distorted due to growing up in a world where I didn't fit the ideal "pretty". Before working with Ragani, I felt as though I was on a wheel going around and around without getting anywhere. I would work out and eat properly for a while and then fall off the "wagon" and overindulge. When I didn't see any results I would get upset and blame myself for not being strong enough. I decided that I needed to take control of the way I felt about myself. I knew I needed someone to help me on this journey.

After meeting with Ragani I found it really easy to open up to her as she made me feel comfortable with her kind and approachable demeanor.  I loved her philosophy of nurturing the mind body and spirit and that we should be encouraging ourselves to push past our boundaries to live a more fulfilling life. She guided me to make achievable goals so that I could celebrate the victories along the way, rather than getting upset when I hadn't lost 50lbs in a month. She helped me to realize that just being thin wasn't going to make me happy, but confronting the other issues I had with myself allowing me to find happiness within.


Working with someone and sharing intimate details of your challenges can be difficult, but being able to open up and be honest with Ragani and myself was truly empowering. I felt motivated by her and she made me want to be accountable to myself. I've realized that the number on the scale does not dictate my worth. I have learned that we can and need to ask help from others who have been there and can guide us. Most importantly I have learned to not give up on myself. There is no "end" to this journey, we should always be setting little goals for ourselves.

If anything I have said has resonated with you or if you're even a bit curious to have a better you. I strongly encourage you to contact Ragani."   ~S. Aspin






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